What is your passion? 

My medical terminology dictionary identifies passion as 1) great emotion or zeal and, 2) a state of mind that might influence you.  Webster’s defines passion as 1) intense emotion compelling action, and 2) zeal, ardor, enthusiasm.

I challenge you this week to think about passion in reference to your health, and take some steps to harness it.  Think about some of these things:

  • Are you passionate about eating? Make the best, healthiest choices regarding your food.  Eat well, and eat with zeal and REALLY enjoy your food.
  • Is working out, moving, exercising your passion? Harness this emotion toward action!  Let your desire to be flexible, strong and feeling great motivate you.
  • Do your friends, family and co-workers influence your passion – for the good? If so, lean on these people to help you remain passionate.  If they don’t, keep your reaction to them as low as possible.  Keep the positive energy circulating – keep your zeal and ardor.
  • Do your stressors override your passion? If so, sit down and think about this.  Identify three things that stress you, and then develop several ways to alleviate each one.  Work on one at a time and try to eliminate it for the state of mind that is influencing you.

Passion is a great state of being to practice. Harness your enthusiasm for the things in your life that bring you pleasure.  Many individuals like to keep gratitude journals.  You can do this if you like, but you can easily accomplish being passionate by simply thinking of some of the above points.

We all need to have passion!  Think about it.  Now, I’m going to go smooch my Sweetie – he is my passion!

To Your Vitality!

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