Change it up!

It’s easy to get into a routine, and most times, routine is good.  It keeps us steady and moving forward.

However, routines can allow us to become complacent, and not make as much progress as we’d like.  Most experts recommend changing up your routines – your exercise habits, your food choices, etc., to keep your body on alert and functioning properly.  There is even a school of science that advocates switching your habits, like using your predominant hand all the time, to use both sides of your brain.  I think it is good advice!

In this vein, Full Circle Vitality is changing things up, and moving our blog articles to a new schedule of once per month.  We’ll still be short and sweet (not artificial though – haha!), and have good health information to share with you!  I’ll include an occasional recipe, too!

If you really enjoy what you read in the blogs, consider sharing more of this good information with your network of friends, co-workers, business groups – whomever!  We can offer a wellness seminar, Lunch and Learn session, or fun educational break.  As people move back into the office, this would be a yummy perk!  We can zoom too, if you are continuing to work off site. Our sessions are informative, interactive, fun and come with take home goodies!

Give us a call!  We’re ready to help keep you educated and informed!

To Your Vitality!


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