It’s often hard to change a behavior.  Sometimes we want to change the way we look, the way we act, the things we eat, or the way we behave.  Often, change is necessary, or merely desirable.

When I present my wellness talks, whether it’s Business Etiquette, Food Rules, or The Healthy Office, I state these facts and figures, which are really good to know and keep in mind if YOU want to change a behavior. Some of the below facts are related to the workplace, but you can easily translate them into your personal skills.

  • It takes 21 days to start a pattern. Practice your new behavior skills! Keep at them so they become a habit.

  • It takes 100 days for the pattern to become automatic. Be aware of this time frame, allow for it and factor it into your learning and change plan.

  • It takes 30 days to forget a message. Consistency is the key here. Practice the message you’ve received, whether from yourself or another person – a mentor, a coach, a nutritionist.

  • 66% of a message is forgotten in 24 hours – only 34% is retained. How can you structure the message you are sending to your brain so more of it is retained?  Make it simple and pertinent.

  • It takes 8 days of constant reminding to achieve 90% retention. The sooner you implement a new skill, the better chance of making it part of your life. Refresh for yourself why you want this new skill to be a part of your life.

  • It takes 5 seconds to make an impression. It goes without saying you should be judged on who you are, but these five seconds sometimes determine if you will be allowed to tell who you are. Will your behavior change help you make a better impression?  Go for it!

  • Technical skills and knowledge account for 15% of the reason you get a job, keep a job, or advance in a job. Looking outside the workplace, devote as much of your skill and knowledge to helping you change the behavior you wish to change.

  • 85% of your job success is connected to your people skills. In order to make change effective, promote yourself!  I’m a huge fan of self-affirmation.  Make you – your person – be the most important more often, and you may be more successful at your behavior change!

Full Circle Vitality can help you with your health and lifestyle behavior changes.  We can also work with your work team, school group, or family to help promote lasting changes that will keep you healthy and happy for a long time!  Give us a call to learn more!


To Your Vitality!

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