It sounds so simple, yet it is so important…and effective for good health.  Many famous, and possibly infamous, nutritionists have stated, “you are what you eat” or “you are what the food you eat eats.”  Sounds corny (pun intended), but it’s true.  The best thing you can do to preserve your health and vitality is to eat good, whole foods – those that are nutritious as they are found in nature and those that are meant to feed your body.

Eat foods that grow in the ground, on a bush, or in a tree.  If you eat animal foods, make sure they come from naturally raised animals – those that graze, forage or swim in their natural habitat and eat foods found in that habitat.  When you begin to make packaged and processed foods the main part of your food choices, you are setting your body up for distress.  A box or bag can’t be digested, and neither can most of what’s inside.  

This is the prime season to eat yummy vegetables and juicy fruits.  Peruse the many farmers’ markets found in your area, and get to know your farmers.  Farmers love to talk about what they are producing, and they’ll tell you their farming methods. Ask if they use pesticides, which ones, and how much.  Ask if their chickens have the run of the yard so they can eat grass and bugs.  Ask what their livestock is fed, and how it is housed.  

I strongly suggest you try to buy organic as much as you can, and try to buy local as well.  Not only will you get better tasting goodies, but you’ll help support your local economy.  This includes your meats, eggs and fish, too.  Give it a try, and see how your body loves its new vitality!

To Your Vitality!

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