January Newsletter: Mucous Membranes and Vacuums

What a title, right? Ha-ha.  Read on!

Thanks, Mary Kate!  My daughter made me chuckle recently as I was explaining why a certain supplement would help keep her daughter’s (my sweet granddaughter, Lilly) mucous membranes supple and healthy. 

While this is a shameless plug and chance to show off my granddaughter, it really IS true that it is essential to keep your mucous membranes healthy, nourished, and working properly.

Mucous membranes are found in our soft tissue areas – the throat, lips and eyes, for example.  These membranes are our first line of defense in keeping germs away.  Our entire digestive system is a mucous membrane and houses the majority of our immune system!

How can you keep your membranes healthy and functioning? 

  1. Hydrate! Water, water, water.  You know the things you sometimes cough up - my grandmother called them “hockers?”  Full of mucous – lots of liquid. Your membranes are the same thing. Think of jelly fish to picture them!
  2. Moisturize! Use a quality cream or ointment to keep your lips and nose happy, especially in this winter weather, or when the seasons change.  I love coconut oil for this, but a good lip balm or cream works well, too. I especially like the Qtica ® brand. Even though they feel dry, try not to lick your lips. 
  3. Be Gentle! When wiping your eyes, do so carefully.  Use drops if your eyes are dry and itchy.  I like the brand Similasan ® - homeopathic drops that work with your eyes to help keep them lubricated.

Keeping your mucous membranes healthy will go a long way toward your personal health!

vacuum exercise


It seems we’re all trying to get some movement in as we start a new year.  I’m right there with you!  One move I love to do is called a “vacuum” and helps work the abdominal muscles, achieving strength and contour. This is not my idea…I read of these a long time ago.

Here’s how to do it -

Vacuums take only about 30-45 seconds.  While they sound too simple to work at any type of strengthening, they are reputed to be quite good!

Here’s how to do them:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, so you can see your stomach.  
  2. Lean forward slightly, putting your hands on your hips.
  3. Take a deep breath in and let it out completely.
  4. Take another deep breath, and pull your belly button up towards your ribcage as hard as you can while watching it retract in the mirror.
  5. Hold this move for a count of 10 seconds. Release your breath. 
  6. Take a deep breath in again, and repeat this simple move 2 additional times - for a total of

When you get the hang of vacuums, you’ll be able to do them while sitting at your desk or in your car at a traffic light; lying down – in bed, or while watching TV at night; and many other times.

Stuck in line at the grocery store?  Do some vacuums.  Waiting for a meeting to start?  Do some vacuums.  On a long phone call?  Do some vacuums.  You get the idea.

Try to do a few sets of these throughout your day.  While this movement will help you with your abdominal muscles, vacuuming regularly can also help with more regular eliminations, less gas and bloating, and smoother menstrual cycles, too!


To Your Vitality, and a Great New Year!


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