Vacuuming…. For Your Abs

Who likes to vacuum? Not me!  But, there is a simple, easily-done move called a “vacuum” that can help you work your abdominal muscles, achieving strength and contour.  So, suddenly, I like to vacuum!

Here’s how to do it -

Disclaimer:  I can’t remember where I read this, and I must admit it isn’t my original idea.  Whoever did devise these vacuums should be sainted!

Vacuums take only about 30-45 seconds.  People who have done them 3-4 times per week have reported noticing a 2 – 4 inch reduction in their waist measurement!

Here’s how to do them:

  1.     Hold this move for a count of 10 seconds.
  2.     Pull your belly button up towards your ribcage as hard as you can while watching it retract
  3.     Lean forward slightly, putting your hands on your hips.
  4.     Stand in front of a mirror, so you can see your stomach.
  5.     Take a deep breath in and let it out completely in the mirror.
  6.     Take a deep breath in again, and repeat this simple move 2 additional times - for a total of 3.

When you get the hang of vacuums, you’ll be able to do them while sitting at your desk or in your car at a traffic light; lying down – in bed, or while watching TV at night; and many other times.  Stuck in line at the grocery store?  Do some vacuums.  Waiting for a meeting to start?  Do some vacuums.  On a long phone call?  Do some vacuums.  You get the idea.

Try to do a few sets of these throughout your day.  While this movement will help you with your abdominal muscles, vacuuming regularly can also help with more regular eliminations, less gas and bloating, and smoother menstrual cycles, too!

To Your Vitality!

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