The Heart

In 1976, when this country was struggling to emerge from a severe recession, New York City was especially hard hit. Real Simple magazine wrote a snippet that famous graphic designer, Milton Glaser, created a logo for New York State’s economic development agency. The “I [heart] New York” logo became wildly successful, and has been duplicated and adapted many times.

It is ironic as we begin February, the heart month, in 2016 we again face economic uncertainty. Perhaps one solution to the uncertainty that pervades these times is to let your heart guide you.

Your heart can’t tell you what stocks to buy or where to put your money, but it has always been the symbol of love. An ancient proverb extols, “the weapon of the brave is in his heart.” Let your heart convey the passion, love and tenderness you feel toward those you live with, work with and play with. It’s a strong muscle – make sure it works!

To keep your heart working its best, make sure to eat plenty of good foods – lots of vegetables, fruits, clean proteins and healthy fats. Try to keep packaged and processed foods to a minimum and drink lots of good-for-you water, too. If you want a great source of heart healthy fish, check out the Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics Heart Health collection. If you order, enter code HAPPYHEART16 FOR A 10% discount – good until February 24, 2016.  

If you want help learning how to keep your heart – and your whole body – healthy, give us a call!

To Your Vitality!

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