Your Happiness Quotient

As we continue through the month known for its winter doldrums, aim to keep yourself happy! Despite the technological, medical and social advances society is privy to, research shows that Americans easily fall victim to unhappiness.

Happiness doesn’t just happen – it has to be created. And you can do it!

Follow these suggestions to increase your happiness quotient as you weather the remaining winter months, and throughout the whole year:

  • Spend time with those you love. Research indicates our loved ones are a primary source of happiness.
  • Care about your work, whether it is job or career-oriented, class work, or volunteerism. Commitment to your work makes you less prone to stress on the job, and promotes success…which leads to happiness.
  • Maintain your health – the healthier you are, most likely the happier you are.
  • Volunteer your time. Helping others is a sure-fire way to boost your self-esteem, and that elusive research again proves that helping others releases brain hormones that ensure our feelings of wellness and happiness.
  • Become part of a community – whether it is at home, in church, or a personal group. A strong feeling of community is an important path to happiness. Get involved!

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To Your Vitality!

(excerpts from Peace for Busy People by Joan Boyarsenko, PhD)


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