Relax, Renew, Rejuvenate!

Years ago, Healthkeepers magazine published a list of 32 inexpensive, uncomplicated, simple things you can do to relax, renew and rejuvenate yourself.  They aren’t in any particular order - try a few this month! 

  1. Smile.  It makes you feel good and can be contagious.
  2. Breathe.  Take five, slow, deep breaths.  Breath is our essence.
  3. Stand up and stretch.
  4. Speak kindly to yourself.  Self-talk is powerful and allows you to respect yourself.
  5. Take frequent breaks.  Especially if working on a big project.  Refresh yourself.
  6. Sit.  Be silent – it’s a luxury.
  7. Listen to your favorite music…and sing along.
  8. Walk.  Get your blood pumping and release endorphins – feel good chemicals.
  9. Dance.  No one’s looking and it feels good to move to music.  Go ahead and do it!
  10. Take a relaxing bath or shower.  Toss in some Epsom salts or essential oils.
  11. Connect with nature.  Watch the clouds, catch a sunset or sunrise.  Gaze at the stars.
  12. Watch a movie that makes you feel good.
  13. Eat well.  Healthy foods fuel your body with nutrients and stabilize your moods.
  14. Cook.  Make a delicious home-cooked meal.
  15. Write.  A personal journal can be an excellent tool.
  16. De-clutter.  It will create calm in your busy life.
  17. Hug a loved one.  This releases serotonin, the happy hormone.
  18. Sleep.  Keep your bedroom cool, quiet and uncluttered – and electronic-free.
  19. Change your bed sheets and pillowcases, then lie in bed and feel the freshness.
  20. Play.  Spend time with the youngsters in your family. Their world looks great.
  21. Spend time with your pet.  There in no past or future…only today.
  22. Read a book.  If you don’t have one, visit your library or favorite book store.
  23. Learn a skill that gives you pleasure.  Write, paint, knit, play an instrument
  24. Release your frustrations.  Yell, punch a pillow, have a good cry.
  25. Reminisce.  Look at the good things in your memory.
  26. Spend quality time with loved ones.  Play games, watch a movie, have a cook-out.
  27. Turn off the TV. 
  28. Reconnect with old friends and relatives.  Call, email or send a note.
  29. Create good smells.  Aromas elicit changes in your emotional state.
  30. Take pictures. 
  31. Count your blessings.  Every day, focus on what is right in your life.

When you are making healthy choices to improve your vitality, it’s important to reward yourself.  Pick a few of the above things as a treat for making good, healthy decisions!


To Your Vitality!


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