Check Out Your Sunscreen

Ah, the great outdoors!  Most of us love to be outside, especially in the summer.  Getting sunshine is important to our health. Much research has proven we need sunshine. Authors Scott Ohlgren and Joann Tomasulo, in their book on cleansing for skin and digestive repair, report a lack of sunshine can lead to problems like hypertension, obesity, thyroid problems, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and season-affected disorder.   

I am a proponent of getting 15 minutes of unprotected sun as many days as possible – for many health reasons.  However, if you spend a lot of time in the sun, you need to have some protection from the burning rays.

Most of us judiciously apply sunscreen to provide this shield. Be safe and protect your skin with a product that won’t cause damage to your cells while it protects your skin.  Look for products that protect against both UVA (the damaging ones) and UVB (the burning ones) rays.  Choose one that doesn’t contain a form of vitamin A called retinyl palmitate, which according to the FDA and National Toxicology Program, is known to accelerate the growth of skin tumors and lesions on sun-exposed skin.  And, consider while sprays are easy to apply, they pose a danger to the lungs if inhaled. 

In just a few weeks, the Environmental Working Group will release their 2016 Sunscreen Guide.  In the meantime, you can check out their 2015 guide at  The website will provide a guide of products that have standards set for effectiveness and safety! 

Enjoy the sun as you protect your vitality!        

Ohlgren, S. & Tomasulo, J.  (2006).  The 28-day cleansing program – the proven recipe system for skin & digestive repair.  Longmont, CO:  Genetic Press. 

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