Think along with me…. What is one thing you can do to:

  • Keep your memory sharp?
  • Boost your concentration?
  • Encourage better word and memory recall?
  • Retain your awareness?
  • Increase your problem-solving abilities?
  • Make yourself smarter?

Stumped?  It’s a very simple, often neglected, activity.  It doesn’t cost any money – just some time.  It doesn’t need expensive equipment – you already have what you need no matter where you are!  What IS this activity?


Long-time readers and clients know I’m a big proponent of napping!  Science continues to prove an afternoon nap is one of the best ways to boost our brains.  how healthful it is for us – but only if it’s done correctly!

A study done with over 2000 healthy adults over 60 years of age observed the group who took regular naps scored higher on a “Mini-Mental State Exam” of cognitive function in every category.  The test measured things like working memory, attention span, problem-solving skills and word recall.

The caveat here is the researchers weren’t sure WHY napping is so good for us.  They postulate it could be napping reduces brain inflammation (from all the work you’re doing!).  I feel napping provides a reboot of the brain, and your memory and thinking ability gets recharged.

The key to napping is to make sure it is a nap, and not a mini-sleep!  Napping can be done anywhere you are comfortable, and should be about 15-30 minutes in length.  Longer than this may and probably will disrupt your sleep pattern, and that’s not the goal at all!  Find a spot wherever you are that is comfortable, quiet and conducive to just being.  The goal of napping is to refresh and revive you!

I love to nap, but admit I need to set an alarm so I don’t take a long snooze!  I have a favorite area in my home that is conducive to great shut-eye!  I don’t nap every day, but I try to do so a few times a week.  Give it a try yourself!


To Your Vitality!

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