I was away from my office for a few days, and neglected to water one of my plants – a peace lily.  It was limp and lifeless.  Once I watered it, it sprang back to life – vibrant, firm, shiny! 

Our bodies can be just like this plant!

As a health advocate, I stress the importance of water.  Sometimes I feel my clients think drinking water is just TOO simple and therefore, not really necessary!  This is incorrect.

Some body stats for you. Water is involved in EVERY body process and function. Our

  • Body is 60% water.
  • Blood is 91% water.
  • Brain is 80% water.
  • Lungs are 83% water – more than any other organ.
  • Saliva is 95% water.
  • Muscles are 79% water.
  • Heart is 72% water.
  • Skin is 64% water.
  • Bones are 31% water.

Like my poor plant, dehydration can have a profound effect on us.  A dehydration level of only 1% can cause impairment of mood, memory and cognitive function.  Headaches can be caused by only a 5% level of dehydration.  Your heart will begin to race, and you might collapse with a 7% level of dehydration.  

Dehydration is the #1 cause of daytime fatigue. As you slog through working from home, educating from home, taking care of all kinds of things, drink some water!  You will feel energized, and like you can tackle anything!  For variety, add some lemon juice, a bit of honey, or slices of citrus fruit, cucumbers or berries.  If you like color or flavor in your water, add a splash of juice, like pomegranate. 

Fruits and veggies are hydrating as well!  Some delicious ones:

  • Cucumber - 97% water
  • Raw broccoli - 91% water
  • Raw carrots - 88% water
  • Strawberries - 92% water
  • Zucchini - 95% water
  • Blueberries - 85% water
  • Celery - 95% water
  • Tomato - 95% water
  • Raspberries - 85% water

Water is SO important to our bodies – it lubricates our joints and tissues, it flushes wastes and toxins, it helps to regulate temperature, it moisturizes our skin, helps to create new cells, and balances our pH.  That’s a lot of jobs – and a big requirement for a substance many of us take for granted.

If you have trouble drinking enough water, keep track on your phone, or use a visual, like actual water bottles placed where you will see them and can drink them!  Keep track of how much better you feel, too!  It can be very eye-opening!

Your body, your skin, your digestion and elimination, your joints, your everything will thank you for the additional elixir! 

To Your Vitality!

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