A family friend who lives outside the area was diagnosed with COVID-19, and wanted some ideas on how to handle the effects of it, and therapies to help feel better. One of the main complaints was breathing difficulty.

Natural health to the rescue! 

To fight the common cold, the flu, and any type of virus, you have to work to alleviate the symptoms.  Here were some of my tips for our friend.  You can use them, too, if you become ill.

  1. Eat lightly. Enjoy foods with lots of water in them:  soups, bone broth, fruits and veggies.  Eat smaller and nutritious meals. 
  2. Breathe – deeply and often. I advocate a deep breath, held for a few seconds and fully exhaled, done 3 times, and done every hour.  I call it my 5-5-5 Breath.  This will help to keep your lungs flexible, pliable and exercised.  You’ll get lots of oxygen into your blood stream where it can do its good work. This is very important, especially during the current pandemic!
  3. Drink lots of clean beverages, especially water. Put some lemon juice and a little honey in your water to jazz it up.  Try some pomegranate or cranberry juice – make sure it’s juice and not fruit cocktail juice.  If you like coffee, drink some coffee (just not all day).  Avoid sodas and sugared beverages.  Try some hot tea or cocoa. Go get some water right now!
  4. Eliminate sugars: grains, candy, cereals, sodas.  Avoid pizza, subs, breads. These are SO inflammatory and will only make breathing more difficult.
  5. Sleep, rest, sleep, rest, sleep, rest and then sleep some more! Your body heals when you sleep, so don’t fight it.
  6. Stay home from work. Pamper yourself.  You will be ill for a much shorter time! No one at work wants to get sick, either.
  7. Take Epsom Salts baths. Epsom salts are available just about anywhere.  Pour a cup-full into a nice warm bath and soak for 15-30 minutes.  Your body will detoxify from some of the germs, and you’ll absorb the magnesium sulfates. 
  8. Move! Take a walk outside if you can.  Walk around your living space.  A friend of mine walked around her kitchen island when she was quarantined. Just be gentle to your body.
  9. Use Vick’s VapoRub at night. Put some on your chest and massage it in.  Slather some on the soles of your feet, and then wear a pair of loose socks to bed.
  10. If you have a humidifier, use it. If not, and your air is dry, put some bowls of fresh water around your living spaces. 

My friend was able to fight his virus, and was told the info I provided was very helpful! My husband said I saved his life!  I love this!  Take care of yourself.

To Your Vitality!

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