Oh, boy!  It seems like the changing of the clock ushers in the winter season more than the date.  Here we go with the time of year normally reserved for an uptick in uggies – colds, flu, etc.  This year might be different with the “other” virus we’re all battling, whether we have it or not!

As all these germs knock at our doors, here are some things you can do to boost your health (at any time of year!):

  1. Keep yourself germ-free or germ-relieved.  Wash your hands, wash your clothes, wash anything you touch.
  2. Drink lots of water!  The usual rule-of-thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces.  Do it! Add some Vitamin C to that water.  Try Airborne (or store brand) or Emergen-C.  Both have extra Vitamin C in them, which works to battle viruses.  Follow the directions on the product, or simply have a serving 3-4 times per day.
  3. Take Vitamin D, or go outside and get 15-20 minutes of sun on your bare skin!  Vitamin D works with our immune systems and helps to keep it in good shape!
  4. Cut out sugars from your foods, or reduce the amount you eat.  This means pizza, breads, cookies, donuts, sugar in our coffee, sugars in our foods.  Sugar depletes the immune system, and can really facilitate the germs to take hold.
  5. GARGLE with salt water 3 times a day.  Do you hear your grandmother talking here?  Literally add salt (preferably sea salt, but any type will do) to a few ounces of warm water and gargle.  Make noise while doing so to vibrate your sinuses to release any uggies living there.
  6. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables – get your antioxidants!  They are powerhouse germ fighters and immune boosters!
  7. Try to get as much rest as possible.  Go to bed earlier if you can.  Take a nap if you can.
  8. Put some Vicks VapoRub on the soles of your feet at night.  The cream will pull toxins out of your body.  And, it feels really good!
  9. Practice your breathing.  The virus likes to make its way to your lungs.  Try this 5-5-5 breath as many times a day as you can:  Breathe deeply for a count of five…. hold this breath for a count of 5…. release for a count of five.  Your lungs are a muscle, and they need to be worked to be in tip top shape.  Do this with your kids!  Call it Health Class.
  10. Practice some stress relief.  Give yourself 15 minutes a day at the minimum to just chill.  Rest.  Read a little bit of a book.  Go for a quick walk.  Do something for yourself. 
  11. And a bonus number – MOVE!  Get some exercise in!  Walk, run, go to the gym, got to a pool and swim.  Take a class – boxing, spinning, yoga.  Do whatever you can do to make your body act like the machine it is.  Do this at least every day!

Embrace the delightful change of season and take care of yourself! 

To Your Vitality!

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