Really?  Yes, really!

Our days are filled with work, school, family, activities – all things we usually HAVE to do.  This is called life, and we all experience it.  Many times, our life takes us on the route of caring for everyone else, and neglecting ourselves.

We need to wind-down and have some fun occasionally!  Many of us discount this – for many, many reasons.  I’m telling you it is essential to take a break, and do something that gives you pleasure.  It is crucial for your physical and mental health. 

Come along with me and try this easy exercise!

Grab a piece paper, tablet or journal.  Write down three things you like to do – things that give you pleasure, calm you down, and make you smile.  Don’t put too many limitations on these things, but make them attainable. 





            Next, pick ONE of your above things. 


            Lastly, write down HOW you could do this one thing each week.   




Commit to doing this activity 3 hours this week!  Can you do it?  If you can’t get in 3 hours, shoot for just one hour this week, and then perhaps 2 hours next week, and so on.  Write this activity in your calendar, or post notes so you remember. It can be hard to take care of ourselves!

Keep working on it!  Along with food and water, it is important to get your nutrients.  Make having some fun be part of your weekly nutrient intake!  You won’t be sorry, and your body and mind will thank you!

To Your Vitality!

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