Moving back to your home-away-from-home office?  Wondering how to feed yourself after so many weeks of having food, snack, drinks so readily available?  Try some of these snack and drink ideas!

  • Fruit.  Most fruits are portable and a great mid-morning or afternoon snack.  Berries are especially good, but may need refrigeration.  Grab an apple or banana and add a tablespoon of peanut butter or an ounce of cheese and you have a nutritious snack providing a great energy boost!
  • Yogurt.  Not the sweetened kind – try plain yogurt and add your own fruit or nuts.  Use a little Stevia or honey if you need sweetness. I love to put vanilla in mine, too!
  • Hard boiled eggs.  Make a half dozen and peel them.  Put one or two in a plastic bag, and you have an instant healthy snack. Add some sea salt and spices for pizazz!
  • Hummus or tuna fish - try mixing it with yogurt and your favorite spices for some zest! Add whole grain crackers if you need some crunch.
  • Dark chocolate.  Not the sugar-laded milk chocolate you might be thinking of, but rich, dark chocolate. You’ll get the benefits of a memory boost and lower cardiovascular risks. And, eat just one or two ounces, and really s-a-v-o-r it.
  • Almonds or other nuts.  Watch your portions, measure them out if you have to (I do!) and enjoy high quality fats at the same time!
  • Water – if you aren’t well hydrated, your body will use its energy to maintain water balance, leaving you tired. Drink water all day long to keep yourself revved up!
  • Green tea.  Get an antioxidant boost with your afternoon energy!

Remember that we often look for food when we are trying to put off a project, looking for other things to do, and to stave off plain boredom.  One trick that I use is to give myself permission to have a snack…but in 15 minutes.  If I’m still hungry, I’ll eat the snack.  If not, I grab a water and get back to work!  This is very helpful – give it a try.

To Your Vitality – No Matter Where You Are Vital!


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