Many of us are using our tool boxes to keep busy as we navigate life mostly from the confines of our houses.  Maybe you are redecorating, perhaps gardening, or repairing some aspect of your environment.  To do this, you have to use a variety of tools.

Did you ever consider your body needs a tool box?  You have one! We all have a personal cache of tools we use for different circumstances.  Are you using yours?  Tools that sit, undisturbed in a body, are like those in a long-forgotten tool box.  They’ll get dusty, rusty and might need to be refreshed before they can be used. Brush yours off and get to work!

What’s in your tool box?  Think about it.  These tools can be mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Explore your toolbox and start using tools to help you continue to be the best person you can be!

  • Do you have a set of pliers that helps you adjust your food attitude? Are you using food for nourishment or as an excuse to eat what you want? If your tool indicates you need to make some changes, write down a few goals toward healthier eating.  Try to reach 2-3 of them each week.  An easy suggestion is simply “drink more water…___ oz per day.”
  • Is there a nail in your toolbox you used to perfect a terrific Zoom presentation? Congratulate yourself, and use an actual nail to tack up a great affirmation, such as “Good Job! You Nailed it today!”
  • How about a screw when you’ve had to hold things together as you tried to teach your school child while working on a work project? Reach into your tool box to look for screws like extra patience, thankfulness you are still able to work, gratitude summer is here, and blessings for the warmer delightful weather.
  • Lace up your walking tools - sneakers, skates, roller blades – and get physical! Refuse to allow circumstances keep you sedate. Dust those tools and take off!
  • Do you have a ruler or yard stick measure that can help you with your spiritual guidance? Churches seem to be back to worship, but you can pray, say grace, read your Bible or blessings guide on your own to provide spirit to your soul. Worship is what you make it.

Some of your tools are obtuse.  If you’d like some help using your toolbox, give us a call! If you want accountability as your dust off your tools, let us know. Our toolbox includes the phone, our office, or a combination.  We’re very handy!

To Your Vitality!

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