Many of my clients are expressing they consume more alcohol than usual as they stay home.  This has been reported in many health articles, as well.  Perhaps you are like me and my husband.  The work days are involved, and it seems nice to relax with a glass of wine or beer, or maybe a mixed drink.  As long as you don’t have a problem with alcohol consumption, this is your choice to make. 

It you overdo it occasionally, think about having our Hangover Helper kits handy! Several people who have used them in the past have asked for more, so here you are!  These kits are a good solution for your occasional alcohol overindulgence which leads to the dreaded morning after and the ever-present hangover and your vow to “never drink again.” 

Hangover Helper Kit – specially designed to help you get through the day after, and to help educate so you can prepare healthfully and maybe not be so hurt the next time!

Our Hangover Helper Kit comes in a reusable cosmetic or shaving bag and contains:

  • Nutritional Shake. Provides nutrition along with hydration to make you feel better sooner.
  • Greens Powder. Helpful to alkalize your system and provides hydration when you mix with water.
  • Antioxidants Stick. Provides recovery and protection for your body.

In addition, we include easy health tips to help you while you recover, and some suggestions for the next time you plan to overindulge or celebrate. 

Hangover Helper kits are $10/each and can be purchased today!  Kits are ready to go!  If you buy 5 or more, free local delivery or shipping is included! Email or call us today. 

It’s important to try to enjoy ourselves as much as we can in today’s social climate!  I hope you don’t need a Hangover Helper Kit every day, but having one handy just in case can be a good thing. 

To Your Vitality!

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