Ha!  I hope this title enticed you!

We had a family joke the other day.  My husband needed cash, and I had some.  I told him it would cost him ….using the above statement…wink, wink.  Enough said here! We had a great chuckle over this, and of course the Love Machine song remained in my head all day 😊.

This conversation made me think of the importance of being a love machine in these turbulent times.  I don’t necessarily like the slogan, “we’re in this together” because I think we all have our unique, individual situations to navigate.  But I believe one thing is universal, and that is to love one another.  Or, at least, try to like one another.  Nothing is served when we have animosity, angst, hatred, anger and downright unfriendliness toward each other – especially those in our daily lives. 

For most of us, our lives and daily living have been dramatically changed.  We live with our people 24/7!  We aren’t used to this.  Our family roles have changed.  Not only are we spouses, partners, parents, children - we are also employees, employers, teachers, friends and lovers.  That’s a lot to absorb!

Try to be kind.  Be helpful.  Be friendly.  Even when you don’t want to.  Encourage.  Support.  My mother gave me wise advice when I got married, and this holds true in any life situation.  Try to always give 125%.  When those around you can’t give as much, your total will still be close to 100%.  And that’s usually a good deal.

Love those you live with.  A friend of mine said recently he knew his wife loved him but wasn’t sure, with this quarantine, she liked him 😊.  He was making a joke, but we can all get to our wit’s end quickly when we live and work and parent and on and on, so closely with our loved ones. 

Think about your reactions.  Let minor things slide. Smile rather than frown. Kiss each other and cuddle.  Remember the person you are getting angry with is a LOVED one.  Tell each other nice things and give compliments readily. Be friendly.  Praise.  Acknowledge. Be kind.

These ways of thinking and reacting can go a long way toward helping YOU feel happy, and those around you will, too!  Give it a try.

To Your Vitality!

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