April in National Kite Flying Month.  Kites have a long history of use for scientific purposes as well as recreation. 

  • Bermuda holds the world records for kite altitude and duration.
  • In Korea, kites are flown to make a wish or for the good luck of the flyer. Kites are also flown on festive days and National holidays.
  • Charlie Brown, the lovable character from the Peanuts cartoon, was often shown flying his kite into a tree – seemingly to depict the adversities in Charlie’s life.

With all the life changes we’re going through, maybe you don’t feel like soaring like a kite right now.  I’m with you.  Many people are just hanging on.  If you need to do something to feel good, allow yourself just a few minutes to think about yourself.  How can you soar, even in what some say is a dismal atmosphere?  

Use the balance of this month of April to think about your goals, direction, growth and career plans.  Make the most of opportunities that come your way:  seek out a mentor – or become one; join a virtual club or networking group; take a class just for fun; or simply make room for some leisure time.

Be like Bermuda, and maintain a personal record of altitude and duration for the tasks that are important to you. This can be something YOU can control, and not anyone else.

Full Circle Vitality offers a terrific Lunch & Learn session titled Food Rules.  When we’re all back to work, think about having us come in to treat your employees.  It could be a great way to begin soaring into summer, when our food supply is plentiful, local and delicious!

To Your Vitality!

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