On a trip to a sunny and warm climate recently, my taxi driver asked if we minded the open windows – “natural air” – he remarked. 

Natural air.  What a concept! 

How refreshing, clean smelling and enticing the natural air was.!  It made me think we should use the word, “natural” in many areas of our lives. 

How about natural foods?  Foods that we eat as they come from the ground, plants or trees?  And, perhaps as naturally derived as possible.  For instance, eat an apple vs. eating applesauce.  Eat yummy raw veggies vs. frozen or canned. 

Perhaps you’d like to engage in some natural movement?  Take a good walk, vs. hitting a treadmill at the gym.  Or try some winter activities – skiing, snow-boarding, tubing – in the natural air.

Winter is a great time to indulge in natural rhythms.  Like our ancestors, honor the shorter days by going to bed a little earlier.  Like the animal kingdom, hibernate a bit by taking a nap on days you aren’t at work.  Eat heartier foods, drink warm refreshing beverages, and as always, drink plenty of water even though the days are colder.

Use the remaining winter months to see how you can be more natural.  And, if you want that lovely warm, natural air, think about heading south…😊.

To Your Vitality!

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