I’m a member of a college sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Being in this group was one of the highlights of my college life, and many of my “sisters” became my closest friends.  In fact, one of them introduced me to my husband on a blind date!  Now, that’s sisterhood!

While I can’t divulge any “top-secrets” of the sorority J, I can tell you that Alpha Chi was originally formed by musically-inclined women, and one of our creeds is called our “Symphony.”  The Symphony espouses things that we must do – “see beauty in the common things of life; live my life in accord with those around me; hold myself to the highest of ideals; and rise above challenges and confront them.”

These words speak to me yet today – 40 years later. Full Circle Vitality works with individuals and groups who want to increase their health and vitality.  In doing so, I often have to impress upon my clients that they must do many of the things the Alpha Chi Symphony sings about, like rising above challenges.  My clients are already doing this rising because they’ve made a decision to change their habits to create a healthier lifestyle. And, believe me, that can be a challenge!  However, it comes with great rewards.  Feeling better, having more energy, sleeping better, fewer physician visits and bills, and looking like a million bucks!

This Symphony could be played by everyone.  We should all consider following this creed – very simple statements, but at the same time, very profound.

Alpha Chi Omega is celebrating Founders Day soon, and while this means little to non-members, I invite you - for a day, a week, a year, or forever - to try to see the beauty in common things and hold yourself to the highest of ideals.  You might like the song you play!


To Your Vitality!

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