There is a great relaxation technique you can use anywhere when you need or want to calm down, relieve stress, or just feel better! 

I find I tend to stress my body in different ways without realizing it.  I tense my shoulders, face, legs, even hands and arms, without being aware of it…. until I’m aware of it! 

Some nights, when I’m really tired, I still have a difficult time falling right off to sleep.  I run through my day and my next day, and can’t seem to turn my brain off.  I check in with myself, and realize my muscles in certain areas are tight and stressed. When this happens, I like to do my Progressive Relaxation exercise for relaxing and finding peace in my day or night!  It’s great for when you find you are stressed, tensed, wired, and you can’t turn yourself off or whenever you need some umph!

It can work wonders and helps not only your body, but your brain as well.  I learned this technique from my friend and yoga instructor, Kellie Munns, owner of Inner Spirit Healing Self-Care & Wellness, in Newport, PA.     

Find a place where you can just sit and relax, or lay down – like in bed at night.  Take some nice calming breaths – in and out.  Fill your belly with your breath and try to calm down.  Starting with your head, close your eyes, and actively relax every muscle, feature, or area. Literally, relax each feature as you go down your body.

Follow along here as I dictate to you….

Relax your scalp, your forehead, your eyes. Breathe and relax your nose, your cheeks, your lips, your tongue.  Relax your jaw and your neck.

Relax your shoulders, your arms, your hands and each finger.  Move back to your chest and relax your chest, your upper back.  Breathe and relax your lungs.  Relax your rib cage, your belly and your lower back.  Feel your entire upper torso relaxing and becoming sedate.

Move to your pelvis and relax your hips, your buttocks and your thighs.  Let your back and body sink into the floor or your chair, or wherever you are.  Relax your knees.  Relax your calves, and your ankles and your feet.  Relax each toe. 

Feel your body at rest and at peace.  Keep this position for a few minutes.  If you are in the middle of your work day, just “be” for a while.  If you are preparing for sleep, allow yourself to drift into slumber.  If you must resurrect yourself, do so quietly and gently, and take another deep breath to greet the rest of your day.

Relaxation is a key to fighting stress in your day.  Practice this whenever you can.  It will help your body and brain to continue to function without added pressure and stress and you will feel aaahhh…...

To Your Vitality!

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