What is your favorite color?  Many of us don’t consider color to be healthful, but have you ever worn your favorite color and felt really good?!  Color can be therapeutic! You might like to wear sky blue because it makes your eyes pop or you think forest green is comforting. Your favorite color could reveal what makes you tick!  This can also be the reason you prefer certain people, too, which brings in more color science.

The following analysis is taken from an article by Barrie Dolnick, published a long time ago in Happen Magazine. It’s meant to be a funny look at how color affects you. 

Green.  Green is the color of love, life and abundance.  Plants, grass, leaves – they’re all green.  Green is the color of a warm hearted, passionate person.  If you love green, you put the greater good before your own good -- but try a little selfish behavior once in a while.

Red.  Red is the color of passion, anger and high blood pressure. Red is a commanding color!  We stop at red stop signs, and move over when a red fire truck zips by!  People who like red act quickly, and usually must learn to proceed with caution.

Orange.  Orange is a mixed color – sort of red, meaning romance and sort of gold, the color of success and wealth.  Orange is the color of emotional response. People who like orange are alive with feelings and have the ability to nurture. 

Yellow. Yellow is warmth – the sun, vitality, power and ego.  People who like yellow might be self-centered and self-indulgent. They might also like warm weather and beaches 😊.

Blue.  Clarity, charm and communicating are the color blue.  People who like blue might send mixed messages and have trouble making up their mind.  If you like blue, you easily express your feelings. 

Purple.  Purple evokes the energy of illusion, imagination and fantasy. People who like puurrrpple tend to be playful, but can be unrealistic as well.  If you like purple, be sure to have check-ins to what you really need or need to do. 

White.  The color white is light -- the combination of all colors, or some say the absence of all color. White symbolizes purity, simplicity and spirituality. People who love white are probably on the healthy side, orderly, and lean toward cleanliness

Black.  Black is a combination of all colors, and usually represents the unknown, mystery, what is unseen.  If your favorite color is black, you tend to be secretive and hard to get to know, but if someone does reach out to you, it is worth the effort! 

No matter which color or colors you prefer, if color therapy interests you, explore it.  It can be part of a healthful way to relieve stress and ease mental anguish. Reach out to me if you need suggestions!

To Your Vitality!

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