My husband and I enjoy sitting outside on our side patio (aka, the end of the driveway!) and talk about our days, things that are going on, things we need to do and just relax in a glorious night.  One of our neighbors walked over recently, and said to us, “You two look so much in love!  Who loves each other more?”

We chuckled and said, first of all, what a lovely thing to say, and then made some joking comments.

I said, “It’s me, because, of course, women are loving creatures.”

My husband said, “Oh no, it’s me, cause I’m very romantical.”

To which I added, “Perhaps so, depending upon what sports season it is!”

We had a good chuckle.  Later, though, thinking more about this conversation, I realized my answer could have been …” whoever needs more love at the time.”

In honor of our good young family friends, Katie Lichty and Sam Gianelli, who will be getting married on Saturday, and are some of my most faithful blog readers, I want to talk about love!

Everyone has trials and tribulations in their lives.  We all have moments of extreme joy and happiness as well.  In every relationship, and especially in a romantic one, there will be times you need more love, as well as times you can give more love.

Rather than trying to determine what you need or can give, practice my 125% Principle! This suggests you always try to give 125% love, understanding, encouragement and empathy.  Some days, you may not able to do so, because maybe you need to receive a little more.  However, if your partner is giving 125%, it could make up for what you aren’t able to give at that particular moment or situation or even an entire day or longer period of time!  Likewise, if you are able to give 125% to your partner, you will reap tremendous rewards as they take whatever percentage they need from what you can give.  And it will all equal out as you both strive for happiness and well-being!

How do you do this?  It’s really quite easy.

Just love one another.  Put each other first – always!  Be kind and considerate – more with each other than any other person.  Kiss and hug and squeeze and cuddle.  Tell your partner how important they are to you, how much you appreciate them and what they do for you, and that you love them.  Thank them.  Do nice things to help them, and maybe not so nice things, like chores.  Cherish this person you spend your life with, with your whole heart!

Think about this principle and give it a try.  You can use it with your children, parents, relatives – anyone who needs your love and can give you love in return.  It costs nothing, and is very rewarding.  Congratulations Katie and Sam!  May you always love 125%!


To Your Vitality!


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