Does this title make you chuckle?  Or think of a community race? It’s not an event, but I heard a funny story recently.

One of my kids’ friends, Ashley, was at our house for the annual Holder Whiffle Ball Game, but wasn’t playing.  She told me she broke her two middle fingers and they were still healing.  How so?  Don’t laugh!  She broke them because she fell, running for tacos one night, in heels.

What?? This was truly fast food!

You might not run for tacos, but do you eat fast food?  Junk food?  Snacks more than meals?  As an aside here, tacos can be a healthy choice if prepared and eaten properly.

One of my corporate wellness presentations is called Food Rules.  I suggest things like:

  • If your meal is delivered through a window, it may not be the healthiest choice.

  • Eat all the junk food you want…as long as you cook it yourself. Fried foods can be okay if eaten occasionally.  However, our food industry has made these foods cheap and easily available, and we are eating them every day.  In the past, making French fries at home required washing, peeling, slicing and then frying – a lot of work!  So, they were a treat rather than a staple of our diet.  Follow this rule to enjoy some of your treats at home for a healthier option.

  • Fast food is often eaten in a car, on the way to the next activity. This is NOT conducive to healthy digestion!  If you are eating fast food, consider getting out of your car to take a few minutes to eat the food.  And really EAT it – slowly and with care.
  • You can find some healthier choices at fast food restaurants. Choose plain proteins and lots of vegetables like a salad.  Choose grilled foods vs. fried, and again, sit down to eat and enjoy your food. Avoid the breaded, deep fried, coated foods that are so often served at these restaurants.

My friend Ashley probably had a great time the night she went running for tacos.  And, I’m sure they were delicious!  If you would like more Food Rule suggestions, you can book us for a lunch and learn, company sales meeting, or a board retreat!  We love to educate!

To Your Vitality!

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