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Rule Six.  Move!!  Sitting is the “new” smoking.  Not moving is hazardous to your overall health.  I recently sat in a webinar where the trainer chortled, “Motion is Lotion” for your cells, joints, muscles. Get up from your desk every hour (and drink a glass of water).  Do some stretching exercises throughout your day.  Have a walking meeting!  You don’t have to hit the gym for hours a day – but try to get 20-30 minutes of some type of movement each day.  Play like a child!


Rule Seven.  Breathe.  Oxygen carries nutrients in your blood, and takes fat and toxins away from your cells. In the course of our day, we get caught up and start to breathe shallow breaths.  Take a few minutes every day to do this 5-5-5 breath.  Breathe in deeply – expand your lungs and your belly – as you silently count to five.  Hold this breath for a count of five.  Exhale slowly – and fully - for another count of five.  Repeat two more times.  I use this method when I’m running late, or in traffic that is irritating.  It helps calm us down and gets nourishment to all our cells!


Rule Eight.  Sleep!  One of the very best things you can do for your health is to sleep.  When we don’t sleep well, our entire body goes haywire!  We repair ourselves at night, and hormones, memory, blood pressure, digestion and every other system is adjusted.  Not sleeping at least 6 hours can be hazardous to our health.  Turn off your devices an hour before sleep, turn down your thermostat to a cooler temperature, and aim to create a bedtime ritual to signal it’s time to sleep!


Rule Nine.  Be Positive!  Try to do something you love every day for about ten minutes.  Read a book, do some gardening, watch mindless television.  Anything you do for yourself promotes good health.  Spend time with people you love.  Spend time with positive people. Be kind to others.  Affirm yourself.  Tell yourself you are a good, darling, beautiful, strong person every day!


Rule Ten.  Forget these rules every once in a while.  Whaaat??  Don’t become so restrictive that you can’t live.  Sleep late one morning.  Have a glass of wine or beer occasionally.  Stay out late.  Have a party!  Life is meant to be lived, and if you follow these rules most of the time, you’ll live happily, healthfully and with vim and vigor!


To Your Vitality!


These Rules are part of my Corporate Wellness Presentations.  If you are looking for fun and interactive activities for your next sales meeting, Lunch and Learn, company retreat, or just a fun session to offer to your staff, give me a call!


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