Or a fine whiskey or wine?  I read a quote recently by Luis Bunuel that states, “Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.” Keep this in mind.  We are people – terrific people – and our age is only a number, and not a factor in life or living.  

My darling daughter, Mary Kate, turns 30 this year.  She is doing some really cool things to celebrate, like running in a 10K while raising money for a local Caring Place.  However, she’s begun to joke about “going downhill” and making statements like, “well, it’s because 30 is coming.”  I know she’s joking, and she’s in good health and full of vim and vigor.  We can’t use our age as an excuse for aging.    

I wrote a blog article two years ago, ironically, on Mary Kate’s birthday – just a coincidence.  I’m pulling some thoughts and ideas from that article to share with you today.  Put some of these into action if you use age as a hang-up.

No matter what your age, let it be an asset rather than a detriment.  Like our blog a few weeks ago about owning a disease, don’t own old age.  Act like a healthy, vibrant being, who has a zest for life, who enjoys living. Use your life experiences for good, rather than an excuse to be “old.” 

Stop saying, “I’m getting old” or “This is what happens at my age” or similar phrases.  Your brain begins to listen to these messages and sends them out to your body, and you will, indeed, feel old! Instead, start saying how great you feel….and leave age out of the equation.

Move!  Walk, stretch, take the stairs, play a little bit.  Join a bowling league, register for a Zumba class, just get moving.  If you are feeling your years, think about cleaning up your eating plan, getting rid of the usual inflammatory and anti-healthy junk foods and processed foods.  Visit a farmer’s market and make meals at home.

And, like our quote, enjoy a fine aged cheese, whiskey or wine.  But toast yourself as a young, healthy person!  Call us if you need some tips to do this!

To Your Vitality!

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