“It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that count,” said Abraham Lincoln. 

Think about this – isn’t it true?  I am a quote fanatic, and have an entire file box of them.  When I teach, I offer quotes each day or week, as a way to motivate my students, and many of them have said they liked them (even those who already earned an A…).

Maybe this is the year you will do something different, challenging and/or worthwhile.  Something you’ve never done before.  Maybe your year will be status quo and you’ll sail along on the same path you’ve carved.

Whatever you do this year, think about doing it with gusto!  Add some zest to your routine, some chops to your workout, some zig to your zagging! 

  • One, this is good for your brain, as it has to adjust, making it work not necessarily harder, but differently. And your brain loves to do this!
  • Two, doing something well, fully, or completely is not only self-satisfying, but others will notice a change in your attitude. You’ll feel better so you’ll look
  • Three, as many grandmothers are known to have said, if it’s worth doing, do it better than anyone else! What an accomplishment you’ll have!

Now, I’m not a historian, but I live with one who fancies himself as such (and he’s usually quite good!), and he tells me Lincoln (and George Washington, as well) was one of the smartest and most sensible of our early Presidents.  So, as we approach the day where we celebrate our historical figures, think about this quote and make some changes that will allow you to make the most of your hours, days, weeks, months and years!  Live them to their fullest and savor each moment!  Go forth with gusto!

To Your Vitality!

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