Aaahh…flu “season.” 

How can we miss it when we’re bombarded by every store, doctor’s office and advertisements asking us if we’ve gotten our vaccine yet? 

Why is there a flu season anyway?


I read a very interesting theory recently, stating the flu is actually our inability to adapt to:

1.    Decreased sun exposure
2.    Decreased water intake

Combined with:

3.    Increased sugar intake
4.    Increased stress

This makes so much sense to me!  

As the colder weather hits, not only are we outside less, but the days are shorter.  Less sunlight reaches our skin, which means we’re producing less Vitamin D, and Vitamin D impacts our immune system.  We don’t sweat as much in the cooler months, so we tend to drink less water, which impacts our ability to flush away the uggies that want to reside in our bodies.

We begin the holiday season with more sweets and treats, which are usually sugar laden.  This same holiday season increases the stress we endure, as we hustle and bustle, get less sleep, and fret over just about everything! And this tends to continue throughout the winter months.  It’s cold, darn it, and we want that cookie to help us feel better!  Right?

Whether or not you get a flu shot – this is a personal choice – think about adopting some of these habits all winter to stay healthy and flu free:

  • Get some sunshine every day – try for 15 minutes.  Go for a nice walk (added bonus) and let the sun hit your face and arms.  Just don’t let your skin get too much so it burns!

  • Drink plenty of water! This is one of my mantras for every season.

  • Watch your sugar intake.  Have a holiday treat, but not every day, or all day long.  Plan for your treat – put it on your calendar if it helps.  Limit the sugar you add to foods as you cook and bake. Full Circle Vitality carries a great fiber sweetener you can try!

  • Sleep!  Forego the Hallmark movie thon and go to bed (disclaimer here:  I LOVE Hallmark movies 😊).  Take a nap as often as you can.

  • Just Say No!  Say no to one more obligation, one more party, or one more activity.  You can’t do everything.  Breathe deeply as often as you can.  Sing along with your play list.  Take a refreshing walk, meditate for 10 minutes, or simply close your eyes for a few minutes and be still for a few minutes several times a day.

Follow these tips to stay flu-free and have some winter fun!

To Your Vitality and to a great 2019!

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