As the seasons begin to change this fall, continue your healthy living practices.  One practice often overlooked as we move into the cooler months is getting fresh air.  How many of us travel to work in closed cars; work in air-conditioned and heated buildings; and eat in temperature-controlled restaurants - maybe occasionally venturing onto their patios or decks?

Getting fresh air into your life can be, well, refreshing!  As summer winds down and fall and winter approach, don’t head inside!  Fresh air is a must for these reasons (and you can probably think of more of your own!):

  1. Lower blood pressure – possibly as much as 15 points, and a decrease in heart rate to boot.
  2. Brighter outlook – thanks to the mood-boosting serotonin provided by sunshine.
  3. Healthier bones – five to thirty minutes of Vitamin-D rich sunlight twice a week helps prevent osteoporosis and bone disease.
  4. Better workouts – nature provides a break from boredom.
  5. Increased longevity – studies have shown nature can provide a buffer against stressful life events.

The next time you eat lunch, need to make a phone call, or have a meeting, ask yourself if you could do it outdoors.  It just might improve your health!

To Your Vitality!

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