I recently returned from vacation, where I had the opportunity to travel by plane, train, bus and ship.  This could have been a healthy eating nightmare, but I found it easier to eat healthfully by following some of these tips.  Perhaps you can use some of them the next time you travel!

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare

    Just like packing your wardrobe, think about packing for your healthy eating!  Often, the trouble with eating while traveling comes when you're in the middle of an emergency hunger situation before taking action.  

    If you're on the road all day and you don't have any healthy options with you, when you come face to face with that convenient snack machine, you won't be able to resist.  Pack some foods that travel well in a small cooler or other container and keep them with you.

  2. Choose healthy food that travels well

    There actually are good choices.  Here are some suggestions:
    •    cottage cheese
    •    yogurt
    •    celery
    •    peppers
    •    carrots
    •    apples

    Just think of any food that is relatively portable, can survive for a day without refrigeration, doesn't make a sloppy mess when you eat it and can fit in a small container.

    Example: Throw some berries into a Tupperware with some cottage cheese and nuts and take it in the car with you.

  3. Look for the healthy stuff – it’s there!

    It's hard to come by, but buried among the garbage foods in some airports and gas stations are decent, nutritious snacks—bananas, apples, nuts, seeds, even dried fruit can be an option on the road. Look for these and stay away from the aisles of candy bars.  Make the best choices with what you can find.

  4. Make a list

    Choosing healthier foods on the run can be a challenge, so make a list of possible foods and snacks that might be available while you're traveling. You can also make a list of foods you can easily take with you so you can shop for them.

  5. Vegetable juice is a lifesaver

    When all else fails, like the popular television commercial, have a V-8. Fresh vegetable juice is always better, but in a pinch there's always canned tomato juice and V-8.

    It takes the edge off your appetite and quenches cravings like nothing else around, and you can get it anywhere. The only drawback here is that canned juices are typically very high in sodium, is this is something you need to be aware of. 

    Excerpts taken from Dr. Jonny Bowden @ drjonny.com

    To Your Vitality!
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