Written by Robyn Holder Robyn Holder
Published: 14 June 2021 14 June 2021

We often eat without awareness of what we are eating and how our food tastes.  We eat quickly, frequently working on another task while eating.  This deprives us of a basic pleasure – consuming nourishing food, and prevents our body from deriving the full benefit of the food we eat!

Here are some tips to slow down and get the most from your food!

Some people use the practice of saying grace to help themselves prepare to eat a meal.  The practice of recognizing the gift of food and allowing the brain to prepare for the nourishment has historically been part of the eating process. This is an individual choice, but at the very least, pause a moment before eating, take a deep breath to allow the body to calm and settle and get ready for the task ahead!

If you DO eat something less than healthy for you, analyze the food while eating it. Why are you eating it?

Sometimes evaluating the food and why you chose it can help you make a better, more healthy choice the next time!

I discuss these tips and more at my next in-person wellness presentation at Slutak Chiropractic on Tuesday, June 22 from 6:00 – 6:30 pm.  Join us!  It’s free!  Just call the office at 717-558-3500 to register.  I hope to see you!

To Your Vitality!