Written by Robyn Holder Robyn Holder
Published: 03 June 2019 03 June 2019

Prepare for ticks this summer!  The summer months are some of my favorite, but I don’t always enjoy some of the things that come with the warm weather – like bugs! 

I recently heard a report that ticks are going to be prevalent this summer season because the winter was so wet.  Arm yourself against these pests, as well as mosquitos, gnats, spiders and other crawlies and flyers.

How to do this?  Most of us use a “bug” spray we buy at the store that contains the powerful repellant, DEET.  Believe me, while recently visiting a Central American rain forest, I used DEET, too!  I didn’t want to bring any souvenir bites home! 

However, for day-to-day protection, it can be helpful to your toxic chemical load and body ecology to use a kinder, gentler tick and bug repellant. Our skin is our largest organ, so think about what you are rubbing/spraying that will get absorbed into it.

I use a nice, homemade repellent that can also deter mosquitos, yellow jackets and all types of insects.  I’ve combined several recipes into one that I think is effective:

Full Circle Bug Off recipe: 

Add water and vodka to the spray bottle.  Add oils and shake well.  Shake each use.  Spray exposed body parts, even clothing.  Can also spray the area you are in. Do not spray into face. Reapply as often as you like.

You can find these oils at any local health food store, or from an oil supplier. I can sell them to you, too – and will happily make the spray for you if interested!

Don’t let pests keep you out of the outdoors!  Take a hike, go for a swim, or just have a seat and enjoy nature! 

To Your Vitality!